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showcase day

Alhamdulillah now everything is i had my showcase where i need to present what me n my partner already done in other word we need to sell our that we get was very many interesting comment from others.even dean of KICT offered us to be assistant lecturer and some of the lecturer suggest us to be a lecturer and further the research since they saw that our project has potential to commercialize to others.overall our fyp was done successfully as my supervisor said all of u deserved to get an A for fyp.yea..we deserved to get an A..we had give all effort and everything for all my colleagues congratulations for we need to write our final paper due 31st March.this coming saturday we all fyp sisters will have our trip to bukit fraser maybe..we still searching for a good place to go.just want to relax our mind and release tension before struggling again for our final exam.also just want to hang out before some of us graduate.hope this holiday will be one of the best memory as student life.....last but not least congratulation again to all for your fyp and gudluck for final exam.....that is the picture of our smart home...someday i want to implement this in my home..hehe..project sndiri la katakan......:)

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farhana said...

wes, igt ape aku ckp tu. nnti bole buat smart home yg bole bukak pintu n tingkap dari opis je... hohoho congrats!!

yushaida said... kn tgu ko bg budget dulula sb sume budget au dh abh utk fyp ni...klu nk smbg yg tu kn bg budgetla n since ko yg srh..apa kata ko yg bagi budget...hohoho...congrats to u too...