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At last...

Alhamdulillah at last me and my team members finished our project for subject Software Quality Assurance (SQA).even it was done last minute but cooperation from team members membuahkan hasil.we need to present the project in class and Prof J comment about the project we done.the thing i want to highlight is what prof stress in ask us something but from our answer he said that he still dont hear what he want to hear.after seeing we quiet he give clue.he said i want to hear what u gain from the project.some of us give comments and prof really agreed with the opinion.some of the opinions:

  1. we learn how to manage time and everything since we kept delaying time to finish the project.
  2. we admit we lack of programming we need to improve that.
  3. always communicate with the clients.dun leave them behind.
now the project is over.byk kenangan among us dlm menyiapkan project ni.imagine there are 11 of us in a team.eventhough we are big but we manage to communicate with each other.thanks everybody for commitment,support and everything.full credits for i can concentrate for week showcase..takutnya....but alhamdulillah two project finished so i can concentrate for fyp.ala ada lagi seminggu..sempat je..hehehe(pujuk diri sendiri)

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