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My Best Friend

Today I found a friend,
Who knew everything I felt.
She knew my every weakness,
And the problems I've been dealt.

She understood my wonders,
And listened to my dreams.
She listened to how I felt about life and love,
And knew what it all means.

Not once did she interrupt me,
Or tell me I was wrong.
She understood what I was going through,
And promised she'd stay long
I reached out to this friend

To show her that i care
To pull her close and let her know
How much I need her there

I went to hold her hand
To pull her a bit nearer
And realized that this
perfect friend I found
Was nothing but my mirror.

"Thanks for everything my dear best friend"

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Early In the Morning

Time now is 2.19am. I'm still here in front of PC surfing the internet searching some information about my interview. Last Saturday I went to KL for my first interview. At last alhamdulillah I had been calling for an interview. I dun know why while all my friend buzy going here and there for interview, me and my friend Wan as well we dun have even 1 interview. I ask Wan what happen to us there is company ask us for interview. She said that she also weird why this thing happen but when I think again I believe that whatever happen there is something behind that. Alhamdulillah berkat kesabaran Wan and I had been calling for interview at Accenture, level 65, KLCC for SAP training for 4 months. During the interview there are 3 sessions. !st is IQ test which I think it's quite easy, 2nd is programming test. We've been given choice to choose either .Net, Java or C++. Both of us chose Java. The test is a little bit hard since we are lack of time to study about the programming. Last one is personal interview. Since we all are fresh graduate so they don't expect more from us. They just ask about personal matter, what I want to achieve in future, co curriculum and project involved. After the interview me and Wan had chit chat about the the interview and we realize that maybe this is the hikmah why we didn't have interview before. Maybe our place is here and the most important thing that make us happy is that we both get the same place foe interview.
This evening at about 6.20pm I've got a call from Accenture saying that I have been shortlisted for final interview next Wednesday. Alhamdulillah I'm really happy for this. After that I called Wan and asked about this and she also pass the interview and need to go for final interview next week. That's news make me more and more happy. I really hope that Allah akan makbulkan doa kami for us to work at the same place. I hope that this is the way for us. I really hope for this training since its only for 4 months and the allowance is RM1200 per month. So at least I have something to do while waiting for Telekom and I have something to give to my parents.

"Ya Allah Kau permudahkanlah urusan kami semasa interview nanti..Amin Ya Mujib"

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My Last Day...

I just finished my final exam paper HCI. Now I unofficially finished my undergraduate study in IIUM. Even I still not leaving IIUM but I already miss my study and all my colleagues here. To all my colleagues who will graduating next semester, good luck for your FYP. 3 and half years here make me matured and learnt many new things. I hope I can apply my knowledge here when I work later. Where I am heading after this? As for now I want to go back to my kampung and meeting my parents and my bro and sis. Then maybe come here back for interviews. Now I feel scared when thinking about working life which is totally different from students life. How I'm gonna cope with that situation? Ya Allah Permudahkanlah hambaMu ini dalam mengahrungi kehidupan yang mencabar di luar sana...Amin Ya Mujib...

To all my friends thank you for everything and forgive me if I made something wrong to you guys. Good luck inwhatever you do and hope you can achieve your ambition. Especially for Huda, Imah n Afni good luck in your FYP. Do the best ok...and to all my graduating friend, gudluck for your office life later..Be patient in whatever you face... Especially to my dear best friend, thank you so much for everything. Pray for me ye..and I hope you will achive what you target in your life..


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