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I Miss You...

Here I am early in the morning now struggling for final exam...Diri ini dh xlarat utk menghadapi semua just finished my FYP n now i need to face the final exam.i missed my family alot actually. like previous semester i went back home before final exam to see my parents to get their blessing juga utk melepaskan rindu dihati.but for this semester i cant do that. even when my dad sick dun go back.abah im sorry bkn kak xnk blk tgk abah tp kak xsempat..i really hope he will understand me.sakit abah menyerang kembali tp abah xpenah bgtau kt anak2..abah xnk anak2 abah risau.abah i always pray for u..abah is a very hardworking person.demi anak2 segala2 sanggup abah lakukan.abah xpernah mengeluh penat.semua prmintaan anak2 walau besar abah akan usahakan demi anak tersayang..walau abah xpernah tunjuk kasih sayang abah but i can feel that deep in my heart...setiap kali umi marahkan kami adik beradik kerana byk berbelanja abah pasti akan menyebelahi abah apalah sangat duit klu ia dguna utk benda2 yg idak membazir..looking at some of my fren going back to see their parents n to release tension. i feel sad coz i cant go back..honestly sometime i feel like crying..i really2 missed them..apatah lg semua adik2 ada kt umah skrg ni..both my sis n bro siti n hakimi were home finishing their holiday..i missed the time when we were small...everybody were at home playing around with each when everybody grow up masing2 mnuju hala masing2.thats y i really want to go home..chit chat with my sis n bro about their studying life..i also miss my youngest bro ikmal..he in standard 1 now.he's very cute.setiap kali blk rumah. ikmal xpenah duk jauh drku..asyik bertanya itu ini ngan kakak dia.ask me for his homework.ask me to play with him..i miss him a lot.but what can i people say in order o get something we need to sacrifies something. whatever life must go on.cant wait to finish all the exam n go back, dad please wait for me for a while..your daughter will be back soon..i miss u a lot mom.i miss u a lot dad.i love both of u so much....

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Professor Howdy said...


Dear Friend,

After much thought, I have decided
to leave 'Thought & Humor'.

The reasons are many but they all boil
down to this: Nobody writes me anymore
so it must mean that you don't like me
or my UNC jokes, riddles, cartoons
or funny pictures:O(

I was hoping people would contact me
by posting a kind message in the
"comments" on this blog but no one has.


P.S. All of you liberals can now be happy
because I am giving up. You have finally
won after 10 years of publishing...

P.P.S. The sad song playing on my blog
really fits my mood! You know I think
that I might have possibly visited your
site awhile back. Do you remember
or am I wrong?

wanz said...

Sabarlah Yus..sesungguhnya setiap detik pengorbana yang dirimu lakukan dinilai Allah.Allah maha mendengar rintihan hatimu..InsyaAllah rahmat Allah pasti sentiasa bersamamu..teruskn perjuangan..