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Again and again.....

here i am at the fyp lab again..trying finish up my projects. harini rs tk bermaya sgt2 but then i still to push myself come to the lab since my pc is here. i cant do anything in my room. the room is just only a place for me to sleep and rest.bilik tu tk ubah cm hotel. blk utk tukar bj, solat n tido je.tu pn sometime i pray at musolla when dun have enough time to go back for pray...i missed my rum so it's already 10.45pm...i wanna go back.i'm really tired..akhirnya dpt gak blk blek..nasib baik dh solat isyak..blh tido trs..bestnyer....awalnya my fren still nk stay lg..hurm..xpelah..mengalah mgkn dia tgk aku dh penat sgt dia pn mengalah..hehehehe....

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