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At 2.31am I still in FYP lab doing so much works with some of my friends.there are 6 of us in this lab struggling finish up our project as well as other projects.just now we took some snaps as all of us are not in the mood of doing for me, I dun have enough mood to work on my I can involved in this blogging.once I told to myself blog expect wasting time spend time writing something to update blog.but myself create blog...huhu..why?maybe because looking at some of my friend have their own blog maybe.actually b4 dis once came into my mind to create blog but I think the time still not comes....
deep inside I feel sad n tension.sad becoz last week my lovely grandma passed away on Wednesday but I cant go back for her funeral as well see her for the last time. 2 days I did nothing just quite all da time and crying especially at night.I really feel like wanna go back and see my mom.i want be with her and calm I'm still feel that feeling but I know whatever happen life must go on.tension for lots of work to do smpikan xmenang tangan dun know which one to do first.I really missed my mom and my youngest bro but I dun have time to go back and see them due to my commitment even during the holiday for Chinese Newyear I still here. xtau dh nk kata apa perasaan dlm hati..hanya Allah yang tau..inilah dugaan Allah terhadap hambaNya...whatever strong yus...always remember Allah as what your best friend said "Allah sayangkan yus sebab tu Dia uji yus. Dia nk tau sejauh mana yus tahan dgn dugaan Dia". dun worry fren with ur full support insyaAllah I'll be ok....Ya Allah Ya Tuhan ku bantulah hambaMu ini Ya Allah.tabahkan hatiku Ya Allah...

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wanz said...

Be strong does seem so hard to face all the challenges..having to cope with all the assignments and the studies..not mentioning FYP. But don't worry, believe in Allah's promises..for He who shall help us in everything we do..