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tomorrow will be my big day.seriously im so scared now.cant think what will happen to me's the procedure?hope it wont take too much time.haih sesak nafas rasa nih.

most curable medicine is talking to my mum.just called umi and asked umi to pray for me.listening to each and every of her word make me feel release..rasa tenang..but now the feeling comes back..shuh2..pegi jauh2!!!!!!!!!

pray for me.hope still can continue update my blog.sounds serious huh?not really but for me maybe.i never be in this situation.what more i really afraid of needle,injection,hospital n doctor.but i love watching medicine-related movie such as House, ER, Grey Anatomy, Private weird kan?

cant imagine what will happen tomorrow.blh request utk xnk 21st April..just straight go to 22nd?

whatever it is i have to face strong k..chaiyok!!


p/s:malam ni start puasa

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