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Me and My Best Friend

Its already 2 months I didnt update this blog. It seems like just a short period but actually its alrealy 2 months. Now Im taking semester 3 and will be finishing my study next month. When I think about this I feel sad to leave my study but what can I must go on. Now Im hardly searching for a job and I hope to get a job before I graduate. I really want to enjoy this sem 3 with my best friend, Wan which I think everybody knows this.I want to have as many as possible good memories with her since after this kami akan berpisah and insyaAllah next year she'll leaving to futher her study with her beloved husband. As everybody knows she alrealy engage with Faheem also my calssmate and they'll marry next year insyaAllah. According to them they'll leave right after they married and they plan to get Master n PhD as well. So maybe im not able to see her in a long period of time. She always said that even we are far from each other but we still can contact through email or YM. I know that but virtual is not the same as real where we can touch and hug that person. For sure I'll miss her a lot. Whatever happen I'll always support and pray for her.
Sometime when I think about students life I feel like I dun want to leave this wonderful life. I really love students life. Here I learn lots of thing about friendship, communication, etc... Im sure everybody will miss his/her students life when they work later.....

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wanz said...

Yus sahabatku..I know its hard for us to say "goodbye".But believe me, I'll never say goodbye to you. You shall remain in my heart forever. i pray may Allah keep both of us close to each other..moga2 kita tidak akn berpisah utk selamanya..I'll always pray for you my dearest strong Yus..InsyaAllah anytime u need me..just give me a call..I'll always lend my ear to you..Selamat berjuang sahabatku..Ukhwah fillah abdan abada :)