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This week at office i'm a bit bz since we (Qedge) need to attend a training about telecommunication. at first I thought it is really about telecommunication so i feel excited since i can learn new thing but when it comes to the day, it is all about testing.the same thing that i learned before.but i like as well since he explain it from different angel and point of view.

but attending this training really feel like a student since we will having an exam after each chapter.and our marks will be escalate to our RM as scary!!!..more than that we also have assignment..huhu..

but i really missed my old time as student at IIUM.there are lots of sweet memories there.kalaula boleh kembalikan semula zaman tu rs cm xnk graduate je..wanna be student all the time.but that is what u call life.everything change every second.

apa2 pn best ada least xdela boring sgt g rs sunyi kt office n feel empty since my best fren xde..dia cuti still honeymoon kt xpe next week she'll be here wif me everyday at office.nnt blhla study sama2 ye dear..hehe ;)

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Qica said...

training lg..uu..cian2..xpe la..leh wat2 bz..hehe

mylife said...

tula..asik training je..dh bowink pn xpe..ikhlaskn niat utk dpt ilmu..brla best n rs semangat nk study..wah!!!

wanz said...

salam yus...terkejut x wan tb2 post comment...huhu..tgh tggu feri kul 1.00pm..lepak kt kfc jap nk tmpg WiFi..hehe..take care dear..see u next week insyaAllah.. :)

mylife said...

salam wan..maaf lmbt reply comment.dh lm xtenguk blog ni..sejak xsihat ni..mmmg xjenguk lgsg..xtekejut wan smbl wan comment wan chat ngan yus kn.hehe..doa kn yus cpt smbh esk kt ofis :)