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Business Communication

Today while everybody resting at home I need to go for a training called 'Business Communication'.At first I feel very bad since the training is on Saturday, a day that I should rest at home but at last I can accept that and I find that it is very good for my improvement in future.What my colleagues and I need to do is to read an article in front of others.Yes that's not very tough but the most important thing is our presentation is recorded and we can see it later for our improvement.Subsequent from this training next week we need to present a topic in front of our HOD..not only him but also to our big boss in the company..huhu..that's sound so horror..As for now I still don't have any topic to present but I hope I can present well on that day...Also I hope I can apply what I've learned two days ago during training regarding the accent-how to reduce our mother tongue accent and speak in neutral accent as well as how to use our body language, posture, gesture and eye contact correctly.Even though the title looks simple but for me I get so many input from it..I hope I can us it in the future when dealing with customer...

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Anonymous said...

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