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this is my last entry for this month but not for the not going to close my dearest diary yet.diary that help me a lot.

for this whole week is very busy for me..very hectic week.i wake up at 6, leave home at 7 and reach home at 7 at nite.and it's going to be like this maybe until this coming October.i really hope that it will not be extended or else i have to think about plan B.hhmmm...

really miss my past time but this is what u call life.hope i still can catch up everything happen around me.thing goes on and on.people change here and there.whatever happen, we still need to survive.

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natni said...

yus tjuk nih wat nebes jekkk
igtkn nk ttop belog da td
huhuhu hectic kn idop kte skrg

:.Yus.: said...

hehe..nape intan nebes..jgn risau yus xkn ttp blog ni..'nyawa' ni :p

tu la..hectic kn..cuti 2hr ujung mgu rs xckp..


wanz said...

kuatkn diri shbtku..semuanya seudah diatur Allah..and yakinlh this is the best for of luck!! take care dear :)

:.Yus.: said...

insyaAllah..ini hanyalah sebahagian dr ujianNya..

mg ujian ini memberi kekuatan kpd yus utk melalui ujian yg mendatang..

Dia lebih mengetahui setakat mana kemampuan hambaNya..

thank dear :)