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Happy Day ;)

Here I am today in my house again alone. Ifah had her first driving class and will be back soon. I just finish my cook and today the menu is chicken soup and mix vegetable. Today I feel very happy I dunno why but Alhamdulillah Allah gives me that feeling today. I woke up and bath then went out to wash my car. After that I went to Alamanda to buy some stuff then heading home with hunger. Arrived home I ate dunkin donut (choc pudding n raspberry..erm..yum..yum..) then start cooking and now here I am - blogging. Why I list all thing that I did today? erm..even me also dun have the idea but something that I'm very sure is I am happy today and I feel like blogging. This weekend I just wanna relax at home and maybe next week I will go back home..bestnya blk kg..hehe..I hope my day after this is full of joy and happiness..lalala~

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