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Programming at Satyam

Salam all...
Now I am in the office.I am currently work as a developer at Satyam same as my best friend. Alhamdulillah now I'm working and have my own money.Thanks both of us still can be together until right now. Ya Allah terima kasih kerana perkenankan doa kami. Here I need to attend training for 3 months and currently all of us being trainied about C programming. Now I become crazy again when all the day facing with PC and programming. I thought that all those thing already gone but by hook or by crook I need to face for the entire of my life.huhu....I am suppose not to work tosday but becoz force I must be here today 'playing with programming-have fun with it'.
Another thing is I still not settle my problem with Telekom..huhu..xtaula bl nk settle...just wait n see when they will call me.hope they will not call me..I really pray for that becoz I dun wanna work with Telekom. Now I have a bigger opprtunities to work internationally so why I need to reject that. Yeah mayb some said that kacang lupakan kulit but for me that's not the case becoz they also have reason why they do that. Everything in this world happen becoz of something right??So as me.Here I am bonded for 15 months and InsyaAllah I wll fly after that for my Master. What if I work with Telekom do I have that chance since my bonded is 7 years. At first I am dilemma about this but after istikharah now I get the answer. This is the path for me and I believe that everything happen has hikmah..Maybe also Allah give me time for me to be near to my best friend now before He clashes us for a long time..Who knows kan???..
Now get to work...programming is calling now but I really in stuck and my head is like to crash..

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Anonymous said...

i know how to settle ur prob with TM..juz pay back their money dear..;)