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Q-Edge BBQ

My team @Q-Edge had our bbq nite at cyberia, cyberjaya. I'm da one who in charge buying all da food for da nite. There are chicken, hotdog, corn, kerang n some desserts like trifle, pudding, fruit salad n chocolate cake. There lots of food smpi xtermakan ktorg. Kengang banget smlm smpi hrni naik sebu perut.mana xnyer asik mkn western je.dh 2 hr xpekena nasi..huhu..i need malay foos please!!!seb baik td after ofis me n wan went to kajang to buy some stuff n smptla singgah jp kedai order nasi goreng tomyam..nyum..nyum..bestnye nasi..bila nk diet ni?tensen seh...xpe smtr Allah bg peluang nk mkn ni bt pela nk diet.bersyukurla ngan rezeki yg Allah bg.Alhamdulillah atas rezekiMu Ya Allah..

btw thanks to all my colleagues for ur cooperation last nite even at da beginning things goes not very smooth but towards da end i think we successfully finish da program together.but after dis mst sedey since some of my colleagues will be here anymore.some will fly to india for a project there.but what to do..dat's what we call life.

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